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KidneyTalk - An Online Radio Show By Renal Support Network

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Description: KidneyTalk is an informative and entertaining online, half-hour radio talk show with host Lori Hartwell. Healthcare professionals and people living successfully with kidney disease share personal experiences in inspirational, thought-provoking interviews.

5/2/2024 - The Impact of Living with Kidney Disease on Your Mental and Emotional Well-being
Kidney disease is a chronic condition, in addition there are five stages. How you are going to feel from day to day and through each of the stages can have a negative impact your mental wellness. Felicia Speed, PhD, LMSW, VP of Social Work Services, Fresenius Kidney Care and Lori discuss coping strategies and other options that are available to help.

4/9/2024 - Access to Innovation in Dialysis Care has its Ups and Downs
Barriers to innovation for people who are on dialysis is a hot issue. While Medicare is a great source of comfort and provides access to necessary treatments, it does face challenges with its existing payment structure that hinder access to new, innovative treatments. Dr. Jeffrey Silberzweig, a nephrologist, and Lori discuss recent breakthroughs and delve into the advantages and disadvantages of the current payment system, while also exploring potential solutions. This show promises to ignite a lively discussion on the impact of payment practices on innovation in kidney care.

2/22/2024 - Clinical Quality - How CMS Measures Quality Care for People on Dialysis
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) implements quality initiatives for Medicare beneficiaries on dialysis. CMS uses these measures to see how the dialysis facility is performing. Dawn Curtis, VP of Clinical Quality, Fresenius Medical Care and Lori discuss the measures dialysis clinics look at and how the kidney care team uses them as a benchmark to provide adequate care for people on dialysis.

2/8/2024 - Expressions of Joy
Joy Araujo, a source of inspiration for her peers, has won the RSN annual essay contest on multiple occasions. Through her heartfelt and insightful essays, Joy has touched the hearts of readers, sharing her life experiences and imparting wisdom as only she can. Lori, too, has faced her own set of challenges growing up with kidney disease. Together, these seasoned warriors offer insights on how they have conquered kidney disease, how writing helps cope with emotions and the opportunity to gain valuable insights from these talented storytellers. Don’t miss out on this exciting dialogue.

1/12/2024 - Little Things Lead to Big Changes
Jennifer McClung was diagnosed with kidney disease at a young age. After receiving a kidney transplant Jennifer started to put on extra weight and needed to make a change. She managed to lose the weight and along the way developed lifestyle changes to keep it off. Listen in to hear what worked for her and tips that can help make your own weight loss journey a success.

12/13/2023 - Resilience and Strength in the Face of Adversity
The journey of a single mom with kidney disease is a testament to unwavering determination as they navigate a career, medical appointments, treatments and the emotional toll, all the while nurturing and supporting their family. Mauricia Ambrose is a mother, a real estate investor and an author. Mauricia is also on peritoneal dialysis and shares how she gets things done, introduced her illness and treatment to her son and includes him in the process.

12/5/2023 - Changes Happening to the Dialysis Payment Bundle and How it Can Impact Care
The inclusion of oral phosphate lowering drugs in the dialysis payment bundle starting in January 2025 is a significant change that has sparked debates and discussions within the kidney community. Lori and Jeffrey Silberzweig, MD delve into this topic along with a brief history and evolution of the bundled payment system. They discuss the pros and cons of this action and potential limitations on medication choices for patients. While bundling care encourages healthcare providers to consider overall value and efficiency in their treatment approaches it can prevent individualized treatment plans for delivery of patient care.

11/8/2023 - Recycling Medication & Dialysis Supplies
Lori and Cher, both kidney transplant recipients, have dealt with kidney disease for the majority of their lives. They also share a deep respect for the environment. Listen in to hear some tips, and what they have learned from their experiences with recycling medical and dialysis supplies and medications.

10/27/2023 - An Unexpected Diagnosis at a Young Age
When you are in high school the list of things to worry about usually include getting good grades and getting the chance to talk to your crush, not kidney disease. Lori sits down with the RSN Administrative Coordinator, Isela King, who was diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy while in high school to talk about what it was like to be diagnosed at a young age, her experience volunteering at the Renal Teen Prom, and how her experience with RSN influenced both her educational and career path.

9/11/2023 - Hope for People Suffering from Itchy Skin
If itching is causing you discomfort or keeping you up a night, this show is for you! Itchy skin, medically referred to as pruritus, is a common and often distressing condition. The uncomfortable sensation can range from a mild annoyance to a severe, incessant itch, leading to scratching that may exacerbate the issue. Managing pruritus often involves identifying the underlying cause before finding a treatment that works. Listen in to hear Nidhi Sukul, MD and Lori discuss what might be the cause, questions to ask your doctor and a new treatment option.

8/29/2023 - Dealing with Surprise Medical Bills
Have you ever had a surprise medical bill? One where you do not even recognize the name of the doctor? The No Surprises Act is here to protect you. Patricia Kelmar, a consumer protection advocate, explains what you need to know about unexpected medical bills and steps you can take to protect yourself. Listen in to hear what to look out for, how to respond and who to call if you need help.

7/25/2023 - Beyond the Scratch: Exploring Pruritus
People who have kidney disease often complain about itching. This can be a medical condition called Pruritus. Some people have a such a severe itch that it keeps them up at night. If this sounds like you or someone you love, listen in to this show to hear Nephrology Nurse Practitioner Kristin Larson MSN, RN, AGNP-BC, CNN talk about what might be causing it what treatments exist to get some relief.

6/27/2023 - David Rush: Balancing Work and Play while on the Go
Music Producer, artist David Rush was diagnosed with kidney failure and doctors told him that he would need a kidney transplant or dialysis to survive. That is when he decided to take matters into his own hands and use his platform as a music artist and producer to raise awareness for kidney disease, home dialysis and organ donation. Rush teamed up with Pitbull to create a song called All Night which became a viral hit and helped raise awareness for kidney disease and organ donation. Today we learn more about his journey, his work and how he shares his experience with Lori of doing home dialysis while keeping up with a busy work and family schedule.

5/15/2023 - Choosing a Treatment for Kidney Failure
Making decisions about kidney failure treatment options can be daunting. Your lifestyle and other considerations play a huge part in the evaluation process. Where do you start? In this podcast, Lori and Dori Schatell, Executive Director at Medical Education Institute (MEI), discuss a new tool that can help you decide which treatment best suits your needs.

5/2/2023 - Animal-assisted Therapy: Does this Benefit People on Dialysis?
In this episode, Lori is joined by Dr. Meredith Stensland, Assistant Professor of Research in Psychology at The University of Texas Health Science at San Antonio. Dr. Stensland talks about her research on pet therapy in dialysis centers and the benefits that both patients and staff can experience with this service. Puppy love is contagious, so cuddle up with your furry friend and listen along!

4/17/2023 - Navigating a Kidney Transplant: How Your Dialysis Social Worker Can Help
People on dialysis spend a lot of time interacting with their social workers. These professionals are in the perfect position to help people learn more about kidney transplantation and the evaluation process at a transplant center. Anna Rutherford, MSW, a dialysis social worker, and Lori discuss what is involved and clue you in on things you may want and need to know.

4/4/2023 - Living Donor Circle of Excellence
Deciding to be a living kidney donor comes with considerations like job stability and earning a paycheck, yet they shouldn’t be obstacles. Dr. John Gill, MS, shares how the American Society of Transplantations Living Donor Circle of Excellence can remove this barrier by educating companies on how they play a role in this decision. Their unique program paves the way for corporate discussions and pledges to support employees who choose to give the gift of life.

3/21/2023 - Dawn Edwards: Wisdom from a Warrior
Dawn Edwards is a 31-year kidney-disease survivor who has served her peers and the community as a mentor and educator for more than 25 years. Today she talks to Lori Hartwell, also a long-time kidney-disease survivor, about her journey from her diagnosis to the current day as she works toward undergoing a kidney transplant. Listen in to learn how kidney care has evolved and how both of these powerful women have learned to cope and thrive in spite of chronic kidney disease.

2/24/2023 - Overcoming Obstacles to Live Your Best Life
Nathan Gutierrez was born with the physical disability spina bifida. He has been restricted to a wheelchair since birth. The disease led to kidney failure to transplantation, yet he never let his disability interfere with his amazing accomplishments. He shares with Lori how he came to understand how his challenges are not who he is and how he has been able to live the life he was meant to live. Listen and be inspired to overcome your obstacles and live your best life.

1/30/2023 - Anyssa Dang: Helping Kids Who Are Diagnosed With Kidney Disease
Anyssa Dang authored the book so her younger brother could understand what he is going through. Kidneys for Kids helps kids who are diagnosed with kidney disease (and their siblings) understand what the doctors are telling them about their condition and helps them process their feelings. Listen in to learn how this book can empower children living with kidney disease diagnoses.

1/11/2023 - Life as a Home Dialysis Nurse
Home dialysis nurses educate their patients about how to safely do their treatments at home and overcome the barriers and fears associated with taking on their own care. Learn what the day is like for a nurse and why their job is so rewarding. Casey Shuler, RN, talks about what inspired her to pursue a career in the field of kidney care and why she is so passionate about it. You may just want to join her!

12/8/2022 - Life as a Dialysis Social Worker
Dialysis social workers are the lifeline to those dealing with the emotional, financial, and transportation demands of kidney disease. Anna Rutherford, LMSW, is Senior Manager of Social Work Services at Fresenius Kidney Care. She is dedicated to helping her patients cope, adjust, and reach the goals they set for themselves to realize their best quality of life. Listen in as she talks about her role working in a dialysis clinic as she helps her patients thrive.

11/30/2022 - Life as a Renal Dietitian
For everyone, food is the number one topic! What to eat? The renal diet is complicated, and it changes throughout the different stages of kidney disease. A renal dietitian can make a big difference to people who are either struggling with, or are new to a renal diet. Anne Moselle, MS, RD, CHWC, shares how she helps people get excited about the foods that can help them have good outcomes and maintain good health. Listen in to hear renal-recipe-adjustment tips for go-to dishes for people on dialysis. You will get hungry, and might even find yourself thinking about becoming a renal dietitian!

10/11/2022 - Life as a Patient Care Technician
Thirty years ago, John Larsen entered the dialysis healthcare field and never looked back. As a Patient Care Technician (PCT), John lives on the front lines at the dialysis clinic where he works. From start to finish, PCTs play an essential role at dialysis treatment centers. They spend a great deal of quality time with their patients and have a unique opportunity to develop special relationships with them. Listen in to what motivates John and keeps him engaged in his rewarding career.

8/17/2022 - Life as a Dialysis Nurse
For Molly Reehl, CDN, working as a technician was the first step in a career in dialysis. She loved caring for patients and felt valued by them, and she wanted to provide them with more care. To fulfill her dream to become a dialysis nurse, Molly worked full-time while attending school and raising a family. She remains passionate about providing care for patients, and her future has no limits. Listen in to hear Mollys inspiring story. We are so grateful for her dedication.

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