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KidneyTalk - An Online Radio Show By Renal Support Network

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Description: KidneyTalk is an informative and entertaining online, half-hour radio talk show with host Lori Hartwell. Healthcare professionals and people living successfully with kidney disease share personal experiences in inspirational, thought-provoking interviews.

11/12/2021 - Can Diet Changes Slow the Progression of Kidney Disease?
Should you change your diet when you are first diagnosed with any early stage of kidney disease? What foods can contribute to kidney disease or help maintain your existing kidney function? How can understanding your lab values help? Registered dietitian Beth Shanaman​ and nutrition and fitness manager Katy Wilkens​, MS, RD, share insights into these issues and their diet recommendations when you are diagnosed with kidney disease.

10/15/2021 - Improving Innovations: The CKD Improvement and Treatment Act of 2021
Elizabeth Barnett is a partner and public policy expert for Avenue Solutions. She represents Kidney Care Partners, an advocacy coalition dedicated to improving care for people who have kidney disease. Elizabeth discusses with Lori the CKD Improvement and Treatment Act of 2021 S1971/HR 4065 that was introduced last year by both the House and the Senate. Listen in to learn how the bill will improve innovations and the quality of care for those with kidney disease.

9/14/2021 - Nephrology Nurses: The Lifeline of Kidney Care
For Gail Dewald, RN, CNN, passion for her work is evident as she explains a day in her life as a nephrology nurse working with people who have kidney disease. Many things have changed throughout her career, but her dedication to those with kidney disease remains the same. Listen in to hear about innovations in kidney care and the insight she has gained during her 30-plus years in the field.

9/7/2021 - How to Prepare for a Disaster
Do you know what to do when disaster strikes? Depending on the damage your community sustains, your local dialysis clinic can be closed for a day or two to a couple of months. You have a lot of support available around you, but do you know who to call for help? Listen in as Bob Loeper, Vice President of Disaster Response Fresenius Medical Care, North America, shares what patients and caregivers can do to be prepared and ensure that the needs of people who require dialysis to live are met.

8/17/2021 - The Unbreakable Jessie Frysz
Jessica Frysz is a young woman who has beat a lifetime of odds. She has learned to flourish despite having dealt with kidney disease since she was a baby. While on dialysis for 28 years and having a kidney transplant, Jessica focused on her ambitions and dreams. Listen in to be inspired by this courageous young woman.

7/28/2021 - 45 Years and Counting: George Franklins Transplanted Kidney Remains Strong
George Franklin III is president of the Transplant Quarter Century Club and a contributing writer of Because of Organ Donation, a book by Brenda E. Cortez. George had a kidney transplant more than 45 years ago. Listen in to learn his secret for keeping his gift of life healthy and strong.

7/21/2021 - Spotlight on Innovation: Wearable Dialysis System
Dr. Victor Gura is an associate clinical professor of medicine at the Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. He and his company, Wearable Artificial Organs, Inc., were issued a patent for "combination wearable and stationary dialysis systems." Dr. Gura has worked 21 years in Italy and London, and finally in the United States to develop the devices. Initial clinical trials have already been conducted in Seattle, Washington. Tune in to this show to learn about the results of the trials and what the next steps are to make this invention a reality.

7/6/2021 - Pain Meds: How They Work and Safe Alternatives
Kidney disease is difficult enough without suffering needlessly. Many over-the-counter medications are harmful to the kidneys. What can you do to take control of pain without causing more damage? If you, or someone you know has kidney disease, it is especially important to be in the know about options to relieve pain. Lori and nephrologist Dr. Mary J. Godinich discuss the side effects of medications and the differences between over-the-counter pain relievers and some safe alternatives.

6/22/2021 - Preparing for a Kidney Transplant
Getting listed for a kidney transplant can be a daunting process. Do you know your dialysis social worker can help with the process and prepare you for what is to come? Felicia Speed, Vice President of Social Work Services for Fresenius Kidney Care, shares tips to help you prepare for your kidney transplant. Listen in to learn how to overcome difficulties and barriers.

6/9/2021 - Understanding Your Dialysis Labs
Tricia McCarley, a nurse practitioner with Fresenius Kidney Care, sits down with Lori to discuss dialysis lab values and why you should care. Listen in to learn what the different tests show, how your own body processes may affect the results, and which lab values you may be able to control.

4/28/2021 - Understanding the Five Stages of Kidney Disease
Innovations in treating kidney disease were just beginning when Dr. Steven Rosansky, aka “Dr. Ro,” a nephrology specialist in Columbia, SC, first started his practice. He was drawn to this medical specialty because it gave him the opportunity to really do something to help his patients. In this interview, Lori and Dr. Ro put a kidney disease diagnosis into perspective. Listen in to learn the differences between each of the five stages of kidney disease, plus what you might be able to do to slow the progression of the disease and preserve more of your own kidney function.

4/7/2021 - The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Kidney Care
What is artificial intelligence (AI), and does it apply to kidney care? Dr. George Aronoff, Chief Medical Officer and Co-inventor at Dosis, has over 30 years of experience in nephrology. He explains how AI-based anemia medication dosing is personalized and precisely based on the patients own demonstrated response. This can potentially lead to maintaining or improving a patients outcome. Be in the know about AI and take part in your anemia management.

3/29/2021 - New Hope for a Calciphylaxis Diagnosis
Calciphylaxis is a bone and mineral condition that can occur in people who have kidney disease or are on dialysis. Kidneys regulate many things including minerals which can cause the buildup of calcium causing painful wounds that are very susceptible to infections. Dr. Smeeta Sinha and Dr. Sagar Nigwekar explain the warning signs of calciphylaxis, ways to manage phosphorus and what treatments are currently available. Listen in to this show to learn more and about a new clinical trial to find an alternative therapy for calciphylaxis.

3/18/2021 - The Benefits of Art Therapy for Children
Art therapy has been shown to be an effective way to help children and their families cope with having a chronic illness such as kidney disease. It helps to ease the mental and emotional stress that often accompanies their battle with illness. Plus, it allows them to forget about the pain, even for a while, and just relax. Board Certified Art Therapists Raja Aossey and Kathy Peal explain the process, its benefits and how parents can connect with an art therapist or child life specialist for their child.

3/8/2021 - The Immunosuppressive Drug Coverage for Kidney Transplant Patients Act is the NOW LAW
The Comprehensive Immunosuppressive Drug Coverage for Kidney Transplant Patients Act that passed in congress in 2020 extends Medicare coverage for anti-rejection drugs from 36 months to the life of the transplant. Troy Zimmerman, Special Projects Director, National Kidney Foundation worked closely with congress to bring this bill to fruition. He explains the details of the bill, when it goes into effect and who will benefit by the new law.

2/25/2021 - Technology to Monitor Your Kidney Transplant
There is an APP for everything. And luckily, there is one to help monitor what is needed to keep your transplanted kidney healthy. Transplant surgeon Dr. David Axelrod is the Kidney, Pancreas, Living Donor Transplant Surgical Director at the University of Iowa. He explains how to get the most from using the APP for post-transplant care. Listen in to learn how to do your part to keep your kidney healthy.

2/16/2021 - Studying the Elimination of Anti-Rejection Medications
Kidney transplant recipients deal with taking anti-rejection meds for life. Talaris is developing an alternative to immunosuppression. Nancy Krieger, MD, Talaris Therapeutics Chief Medical Officer, explains how this new treatment will work and how it differs from what is currently prescribed. She also talks about how you can learn more about the clinical trials that are available.

2/3/2021 - Paying for Dialysis or Transplant 
Beth Witten, LCSW is an expert in insurance issues. She shares with Lori the basics of Medicare, what is covered and how to save money on drug prescriptions. Listen in to hear answers the most common questions people who have kidney disease have about navigating the complicated process. You don’t want to miss this show.

11/3/2020 - Snacking is Fun Again!
VidaFuel CEO Bette Parolini and her team envisioned how the gratifying experience of snacking equals the importance of nutrition. The result is delicious! VidaFuel’s innovative snacks for the renal diet include both sweet and savory options. Products also include tasty protein drinks. Things are just getting started, so expect more treats and flavors soon. If you are on dialysis and love chocolate or potato chips, or need a tasty protein supplement, don’t miss this show.

10/14/2020 - What Is Lupus?
Wendy Rodgers, M.Ed, MPH, and RSN Chairman of the Board, is a kidney transplant recipient and lupus survivor. Lupus is a systemic autoimmune disease that assaults healthy tissues and organs. Males are less likely to develop the disease, but they often experience more severe symptoms. And symptoms may vary because lupus can affect different parts of the body. Listen in to learn about the symptoms and the causes of lupus, and the treatment innovations that are on the horizon.

9/30/2020 - Transitioning to Home Dialysis
Michelle Pace, RN, a kidney care advocate manager at Fresenius Kidney Care, will talk about the benefits of transitioning from in-center to home dialysis. Listen in as she explains the options that exist, and how they can add more freedom and flexibility to your diet and lifestyle.

9/10/2020 - Bacteria VS. Virus
Do you know the difference between a bacterial infection and a virus? Are you aware of the different symptoms of each one? And do you know when an illness is contagious? These are important distinctions that determine the precautions anyone should take to avoid contracting an illness or passing it along to others. Listen in as Michael Kraus, MD, Associate Chief Medical Officer at Fresenius Kidney Care and Lori Hartwell discuss the good bacteria, the bad bacteria, and the ugly virus.

8/24/2020 - Assessing Your Kidney Transplant Health
Assessing your kidney transplant health and making sure you keep that organ as long as possible is essential. Transplant Nephrologist Dr. Philippe Gauthier and Lori Hartwell discuss the evaluation of how doctors determine kidney rejection. Innovations in monitoring are now available that can help doctors prevent rejection so you can maintain the gift of life.

8/12/2020 - Innovations in Kidney Care
John Butler, President and CEO of Akebia, has been involved in the field of kidney health since 1991, and has seen many innovations. He is also the elected Chair of Kidney Care Partners, the largest kidney care coalition in the nation comprised of patient advocates, dialysis professionals, care providers, researchers, and manufacturers. John feels a personal connection to the kidney community. His purpose-driven mission is to better the lives of all people impacted by kidney disease. Listen in to learn about the current innovations in kidney disease treatments and what is on the horizon.

7/14/2020 - Valen Keefer: A Double-Transplant Survivor Story
At age 10, Valen Keefer was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease. By age 18, after spending a year in the hospital, she needed a kidney transplant. As if that was not enough, in 2016, Valens chronic sepsis led to her need for a liver transplant. Now in her 30s, Valen shares her inspiring story of survival navigating many health hurdles.

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