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- 10/8/2018
The big debate over marijuana and organ transplantation is cropping up across the country as cannabis use gains mainstream acceptance, medically and recreationally. How can marijuana affect one’s transplant evaluation? What are the unknowns for someone who needs a kidney or wants to be a kidney donor? Listen in to hear Transplant Nephrologist Dr. Rafael Villicana’s opinions on this controversial topic.
Source: Renal Support Network (KidneyTalk - An Online Radio Show By Renal Support Network)

- 10/3/2018
Addiction, and reaching out for recovery, is nothing to be ashamed of. So many people are willing to help if you just ask. When, as a young girl, Henriette Ivanans’ first kidney transplant failed, she turned to alcohol and pills. A second transplant, and more struggles with addiction, including two overdoses, followed. Henriette shares with Lori how she came to acknowledge her addiction and how she sought help to overcome it. Listen in to hear her incredible story of recovery, and her search for health and new strategies for how to deal with pain.
Source: Renal Support Network (KidneyTalk - An Online Radio Show By Renal Support Network)

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