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9/4/2015 - Cinnamon Eggnog is back!
Cinammon Eggnog is now available for delivery. Be sure to add some to your order today!

8/31/2015 - Notice of Price Increases Effective September 1
Due to the nationwide egg shortage, caused by the avian influenza virus, we continue to see an increase in our cost for eggs and products containing eggs. Effective September 1, 2015, Cinnamon Eggnog will be priced at $3.99 per quart, white eggs will be priced at $3.99 per dozen and brown eggs will be priced at $4.79 per dozen. We are sorry to have to inform you of this and we hope this will be a short-term situation.

8/21/2015 - Try Our New Breakfast Recipe:Orange Spice French Toast
Orange juice adds a tangy twist to traditional French toast.

8/17/2015 - Try our Snack Packs for School Lunches Made Easy
Our snack packs contain individually wrapped, single servings so you can quickly pack them to-go. Try Noosa 4 Pack, Granola 4 Pack, Tillamook Cheese Sticks and Tillamook Pack-it-Pals.

8/5/2015 - Available Now: Mouth-Watering Palisade Peaches!
People once drove all the way to Grand Junction just to get these local peaches. But now you can order them online. During the month of August, order Palisade Peaches for delivery to your door.

8/3/2015 - We have Quantity Discounts on Chocolate Milk and Pro-to-Go
Save on these delicious milk drinks when you order the Chocolate Milk 4 Pack and when you add 4 or more quart bottles of Pro-to-Go in a single order.

8/1/2015 - Hurry! August 14 is the Deadline for the Eggnog Bottle Contest.
Click here for the entry form, design template and contest rules.

7/31/2015 - New Pumpkin Noosa Yoghurt
We have added Pumpkin to our list of delicious Noosa Yoghurt flavors. Try it soon.

7/27/2015 - Enter the Annual Eggnog Bottle Design Contest for a Chance to See Your Design on the 2015 Eggnog Bottle!
Help us celebrate our 50 year anniversary with this year's theme, "Longmont Dairy's Classic Christmas." Draw your best vintage or classic bottle design and send it to us by August 14th! Click here for the entry form, design template and contest rules.

7/21/2015 - Celebrate National Ice Cream Month - Try Our Recipes!
Go to MoooRecipes.com where you will find delicious recipes for celebrating National Ice Cream Month in July.

7/15/2015 - Don't Forget these Summer Milk Tips!
The summer heat is in full swing. Remember to drink plenty of water and check out these tips for keeping your dairy products fresh during the hottest days of the year.

7/14/2015 - New Noosa Yoghurt 4 Packs Available
New Noosa 4 Packs are available in Tart Cherry or Blueberry. Each 4 Pack contains four single-serving (4 oz.per serving) containers.

7/9/2015 - Looking for Fun Things to Do This Summer?
There are exciting events going on in your community all summer long. Go to our Events page to find some ideas and to see where Longmont will be this month. Be sure to stop by to see us!

6/30/2015 - Just in Time for BBQ Season: Get 50 Cents Off Tillamook Sliced Cheese
Tillamook sliced cheese comes in Medium Cheddar Cheese, Sharp Cheddar Cheese and Colby Jack flavors. Offer ends July 31st.

6/29/2015 - Customer Notice Regarding New Egg Prices, Effective July 1st
Egg prices will increase July 1st due to the recent outbreak of avian influenza and the reduction of laying hens. Our local supplier, and all Colorado egg farms, continue to be avian influenza free due to high biosecurity standards. For more info click here.

6/22/2015 - Start the Day With Healthy Protein Pancakes!
These delicious pancakes have 22 grams of protein in each serving, so they taste great and they are good for you too.

6/15/2015 - Try Our New 100% Florida Orange Juice
For years, we have delivered 100% pure Florida orange juice. But, we are changing to a new vendor. Why? Our current vendor is changing to a blended orange juice. While you may notice a slight change in the taste, we want to assure you that we are still delivering 100% pure Florida OJ. We think you'll love it just as much as you always have.

6/14/2015 - See the Updated Price List
In an effort to keep our customers informed, the current price list for all products can always be found on our website at http://www.longmontdairy.com/prices.php

6/8/2015 - Check Out Our New Events Page!
Come and visit us at local events where we will be giving free samples. To see where we will be, go to our events page.

6/1/2015 - Get 30 Cents Off Noosa Yoghurt During the Month of June.
With 14 to 17 grams of protein in each 8 ounce serving, and 12 flavors to choose from, there's no reason not to love Noosa Aussie style yoghurt. Order Now!

5/21/2015 - Get Protein on the Go with New Tillamook Cheese Sticks
Tillamook Cheese Sticks are available in Colby Jack and Medium Cheddar. Each pack contains 10 individually wrapped snack sticks with 5 grams of protein per serving. Order Now!

5/21/2015 - Pre-order Colorado Palisade Peaches Now!
Starting in August, we will deliver 8 lb. boxes of peaches with your dairy order. See the details here.

5/20/2015 - Visit Your Local Farmers' Market
The Farmers' Market is the place to go if you want fresh, locally grown produce. Show your support for local sustainability and meet the farmers in your community. View the 2015 Farmers' Market schedule here.

5/14/2015 - Get the Classic Look with a Milk Box
Add an historical touch to your front porch with a white or galvanized milk box. Reasonably priced at only $57.50, they are yours to keep forever! To order, please call customer service (303) 776-8466.

5/7/2015 - Read the Winning Poems of our 21st Annual Poetry Contest
Thank you to all of our poets who sent in submissions for this year’s poetry contest theme, "A Day in the Life of a Milk Man." With so many great poems, it wasn’t easy to choose our winners. Read the winning poems here.

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