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Web Media Wire Premium Service

Web Media Wire Premium Service is an Internet-based service that allows communications professionals to input news and event information once and then distribute it to a variety of sources and locations.

Premium Service Overview

Premium News Management and Promotion Service
A Premium Service WebMediaWire.com account allows you to:
  • Update the news an events listings on your website automatically
  • Display an interactive Flash calendar of your events on your website
  • Generate an HTML email of your news and events to send to constituents
  • Broadcast podcasts automatically on both your website and on iTunes
  • Stream video from your website and post video on You Tube
  • Offer RSS feeds of your news and events on your website
  • Submit your news and events to industry and local media
  • Cross promote your news and events on other websites and RSS news feeds
  • Post news and event items on Google and Yahoo news under title keywords
  • Generate and maintain an archive of news on your site
  • Create a press room on your site to manage all news sources and information
Single Press Release Service
We also offer a one-time submission service, that allows you to post your news article in Google and Yahoo news and/or one of our WebMediaWire.com news feeds.

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